About OnHand Schools

OnHand Schools provides software and training solutions for K-12 educators. Our EdInsight Instructional Management System is a fully integrated suite of software tools to support teachers and administrators using data driven instruction to improve student achievement. These tools integrate student data and connect standards aligned curriculum and assessments back to classroom instruction.

The EdInsight Instructional Management System is supported by a complete Professional Development curriculum that focuses on helping schools, administrators, teachers and students achieve greater results.

About The EdInsight Instructional Management System

Modules in the EdInsight IMS: (Click to watch short animation of How EdInsight Works)

The EdInsight IMS includes:

EdInsight Data Window- A complete graphical roles based data analysis system that enables users to make data informed decisions. All data is automatically uploaded on a daily basis.

EdInsight Data Analyzer – is a rich ad-hoc report writer that helps users with student data analysis at the detailed level without requiring the user to understand SQL queries. Users can create custom reports based on the data in the IMS.

EdInsight Curriculum Management System – is a curriculum mapper and online lesson planner.  With the module a district can create curriculum connected to state and common core standards and share it with users and the community.  Included are a set of analysis reports to measure the effectiveness of the curriculum.

EdInsight Assessment Builder – with the Assessment Builder tool a user can create test online to do online testing.  Teachers and administrators can build your own assessment in many different formats including multiple choice, essay, completion, open ended.  The users can write their own test questions or select questions from an item bank.  The test may be taken by bubble sheets or online. With the Assessment Builder is a complete analysis package of reports for administrators and teacher to make data informed decisions.

EdInsight RTI Software or RTII with the Response to Intervention Software module educators can tier students based on the data in the EdInsight Instructional Management System. They can assign academic or behavioral interventions based on the student data. Users can execute RTI Progress Monitoring plans based on district benchmarks. The RTII software has a complete set of reports from RTI intervention log to a complete flow chart to document the RTII Response to Intervention and Instruction process.

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