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Data Driven Instruction

View ALL of your data in one online location. Identify at-risk students, review assessment scores and manage interventions.

Personalized Learning

Get a real-time snapshot of learning and assign targeted enrichment activities with the Kandoolu Learning Navigator.

Response to Intervention

RTI software that tiers and tracks students. Make progress monitoring and creating an intervention log a snap.

The EdInsight Instructional Management System

The EdInsight suite consists of integrated modules that help teachers, principals, and central office administrators improve classroom instruction and student achievement in their district.

System Modules:

  • EdInsight Data Window
    The EdInsight Data Window is a graphical roles based data analysis system that enables users to make data informed decisions. 
  • EdInsight Curriculum Management System
    The EdInisght Curriculum Management System is a curriculum mapper and online lesson planner that connects curriculum to state and common core standards.
  • EdInsight Assessment Builder
    With the EdInsight Assessment Builder tool teachers and administrators create tests for use both online and via bubble sheets, allowing educators to check for understanding with skills mapped back to standards.
  • EdInsight RTI Software or RTII
    The EdInsight Response to Intervention Software module helps educators tier students based on the data in the EdInsight Instructional Management System.  The RTII software has a complete set of reports.

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