EdInsight Data Window Tool™

Data Driven Instruction at your Fingertips

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OnHand Schools Data Window™ which includes the EdInsight Data Analyzer, is an advanced data analysis tool that provides comprehensive, relevant and up-to-date information to teachers, principals, and administrators via an intuitive Web-based interface.

Easy to Use Reporting All in One Package

Unlike complicated traditional Data Warehouses the EdInsight Data Window provides teachers and administrators with the right data at the right time in a easy to understand format that targets the students they need to see without the need to write complex queries. No more hunting and gathering of the data from different sources, its all in one place and it gets there everyday automatically. Make data informed instructional decisions based on the right information.

How is the Data Window Useful?

The EdInsight Data Window is a complete education data warehouse that is both graphical an permission based. Enable your staff to spot trends and do big-picture data analysis. Teachers, principals, and administrators can view detailed personalized student performance information, via the Web, at the individual student level, class level, grade level, building level, district level and custom focus group level.  

Identify At Risk Students - The Data Updates in Real Time

Advanced reports like the Mann Early Warning System do predictive analytics around student risk. Identifying students that are in danger of not graduating on time years before their senior year. With the Spotlight report any change +/- in attendance, misconduct, math grades, LA grades, Science grades, Social Studies grades, all other grades, State Exams, Benchmark Exams, Risk Scores, and RTI  is tracked in real time via a color coded report.

Example Spotlight Report Screen
Spotlight Report

Automatically Collects/Transfers Data Daily from:

  • Your Student Information System
  • State Test data files (like PSSA, FCAT, OGT and WESTEST).
  • Assessment Data Sources (such as DIBELS, DIBELS NEXT, AIMS WEB, 4Sight, GRADE, G-MADE, SAT, PSAT, ACT, NWEA, CDT, Keystones, Study Island, TerraNova, Stanford, DRA, Fountas and Pinnell, ACCESS Wida, district local assessments and more) all automatically loaded daily.
  • Special Education Systems


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