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Response to Intervention Software (RTI / RTII)

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  • Results from third party assessments are added automatically.
  • Tier students with the click of a mouse.
  • It's flexible. Customize fields and criterion to fit your district/state's intervention process.

How Educators Use EdInsight RTI Software

Educators can use Edinsight RTI software/RTII to tier students, assign interventions to those students, maintain an RTI intervention log, use RTI progress monitoring and track interventions.

Included with the software are various reports like a response to intervention flow chart, benchmark reports, meeting organization process, and much more.

Response to Intervention Done the Right Way


How successful is your school district's RTI process?

Both school districts with current RTI processes and ones that are considering RTI for the first time, will want to read our Response to Intervention Evaluation Guide.

With many RTI processes, a few small tweaks makes a huge difference in outcome.  Evaluate your process using the guide. Download it now for FREE.

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RTI Customized to Your Criteria

Response to Intervention Pyramid

EdInsight also offers the capability to customize fields and criterion to fit your district/state's intervention process while integrating seamlessly into EdInsight's user friendly platform.

Florida and Kansas' Multi-Tiered System of Supports (MTSS) facilitates a broad scope of in-depth criteria required in their intervention procedure. While having the ability to incorporate their different instruction techniques with varying intervention intensities, these states and districts can use EdInsight MTSS/RTI Software to ensure their students' "Needs-Driven" decision making.

Monitor Progress with Response to Intervention Tiers

With the EdInsight RTI software, educators will be able to monitor student performance based on RTI tiers and determine if interventions are effective. The EdInsight software is a comprehensive Instructional Management System. All RTII data is connected back to the EdInsight Education Data Warehouse for analysis. Users can investigate their RTI data to find how RTI impacts their curriculum within their EdInsight Curriculum Management System.


EdInsight RTI Software Features

The Edinsight RTI software / RTII is a full featured web-based graphical software that:

  • Creates an RTI intervention log
  • Enables RTI progress monitoring
  • Tiers students
  • Tracks interventions
  • Connects benchmark data to student results
  • Coordinates RTI meetings
  • Seamlessly moves the data to the correct users and into the Instructional Management System.

Drives Instructional Decisions

With this tool users can study the curriculum to make good instructional decisions. Teachers may use the online lesson planner to adjust RTI for various students. All good teachers will continuously check for understanding. Included is the EdInsight Assessment Module which is used when creating assessments or common assessments based on the RTI results.

Assessments Added Automatically

All third party assessments are automatically added to the system so users can analyze results and determine tier placement.  Some of the commonly used assessments includes but are not limited to DIBELS, AIMS Web, 4Sight, Study Island.  


Part of the EdInsight Instructional Management System

The EdInsight RTI Software / RTII module is fully functional and completely integrated in the EdInsight Instructional Management System.